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Useful Tools

Please investigate the following tools to see if they could benefit your organization. In our work we use them to help organizations assess their readiness for new opportunities or identify areas of strength and weakness.

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Alliance Readiness Questionnaire

Questions to sort out whether an alliance makes sense for your organization

Board Composition Worksheet

A worksheet to evaluate the composition of the Board as a whole

Board Job Descriptions

Descriptions of different roles on the Board

Board Recruitment Process Checklist

A guide to Board recruitment steps

Board Self-Assessment

A self-appraisal for the Board to acknowledge its strengths and identify areas for improvement

Creating Ground Rules

A guide to creating effective rules for regular and controversial meetings

Executive Director Hiring Process

A walkthrough and checklist for hiring an executive director

Facilitator Tips

Tips for facilitating effective group conversations

Five Minute Board Survey

Allows a quick scan of the various components of board leadership and serves as a "check-in" to see how the board is performing

Making our Alliance Work Better

This set of questions guides a discussion among partners that can identify ways to improve the effectiveness of a working (or barely working) alliance

"Mini" Organization Assessment

Designed to help you determine if an organization assessment would benefit your organization

Organization Life Stages Chart

A chart of organizational growth stages and their associated indicators of change

Prospective Board Member Information Worksheet

A worksheet to gather information about prospective Board members

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August 3, 2006

Dumping Robert's Rules, Let's Focus on Participatory Decision Making

Presented by Monica Herrera at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference in Los Angeles, California

August 3, 2006

Forming Alliances: Ways to Support NPOs in Working Together to Achieve Mutual Goals

Presented by Emil Angelica at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference in Los Angeles, California.

Forming Alliances: Working together to Achieve Mutual Goals

Presented at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits 2005 Conference, and based on the ideas developed in the Forming Alliances: Working together to Achieve Mutual Goals" fieldguide published by Fieldstone Alliance. The PowerPoint gives an overview of how to understand and effectively talk about the continuum of possible alliances, decide what kind of alliance you should create given your circumstances and needs, plan and start and alliance, and strengthen an existing alliance.

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