Executive Coaching

What Is Executive Coaching?

All Executive Directors and managers in leadership positions from those just starting out to those who have had years of experience can benefit from having confidential, frank discussions with someone who is not on the staff or board. Whether its timely confrontation of difficult issues, proactively anticipating a problem and working out strategies, or reflecting on a challenging time and learning from the experience, Executive Coaching allows leaders to:

  • Think through staff and board structure.
  • Clarify relationship/conflict issues with board members and staff.
  • Design a new process which will have an impact on how the board or staff will operate in the future.
  • Understand an issue by having an independent assessment of a challenge facing the leader.
  • Explore options for addressing problems and the pros and cons of each.
  • Consider what other leaders are doing or what the literature says in relation to the operation of organizations.

What Kinds of Executive Coaching Are Available?

CCG offers a flexible program for one-to-one Executive Coaching. These are typically 1-2 hour sessions which are framed by a contract which clarifies the desired outcomes. The leader controls the scheduling and the process to be used and determines when the work is done.

An alternative Executive Coaching model is a peer process where 3-6 leaders come together and have facilitated discussions on topics of their own choosing. Typically these leaders know each other and organize the group to learn from each other, as well as from the experience of the CCG Consultant.