How We Work

A Range of Strategies

Community Consulting Group uses a range of strategies, including facilitation, training, consulting, and one on one coaching, to address each organization's needs.  Based on our years of experience, we have come to believe a combination of approaches is the most effective way of ensuring significant, long-lasting change for our clients.  We typically work with leaders to design a project that incorporates elements of the following:

  • Information Sharing
    To ground participants in a common understanding of the issues they are trying to resolve and the environment in which they are working.
  • Active Consultation
    To work together in designing and carrying-out effective processes and plans.
  • Implementation and Reflection
    To support and sustain the work of implementing decisions and maintaining change efforts.

When we work with our clients, we apply our core principles to every project. You can expect us to...

Bring our best to each project
We assemble a team of consultants best suited for each project, drawing on a deep base of experience, research, and practical knowledge.

Work as a team with our clients
By tailoring processes and products to fit unique needs, we build support and buy-in to reach workable solutions.

Look for innovative ways to meet objectives
Clients can rely on us to encourage openness and participation, offer fresh perspectives, and generate excitement and energy for the future.

Use technology to work efficiently and provide better value
Leaders are better able to share their successes and enhanced knowledge with others and to document and disseminate accomplishments.

Focus on the local community
We have a solid understanding of community trends and issues and build effective relationships.